Kalli Alexa Skincare


Kalli is fantastic! She’s really helped me with my acne treatment–
Never in my adult life has my skin been more clear and smooth! I’ve
also had waxing services for my back and neck (which is something
probably a lot more men could stand to do!) and I’ve always left
feeling better about myself and more confident after each session.

-M.C.S., San Diego, Calif.

I had my first facial with Kalli this month. I was slightly nervous about having one because some facials in the past had left my glow in the dark pale irish skin various shades of pink and red, however I had an amazing experience with Kalli. She’s knowledgeable and patient(I ask a lot of questions). The end results of the facial were great my skin wasn’t lobster red but glowing and clean. All my pores on my schnoze were cleaned out and she gave me some great samples for me and a friend who was thinking about getting a facial so he could try her line of stuff out all in all 5 out of 5 stars!!
-Michael M.

I have been going to Kalli for a couple months now and I absolutely trust her with my skin. Every time I leave her my face feels amazing! I am currently pregnant and I love that the brand skincare she uses has options for pregnant people. So far this pregnancy my skin has become drier and the products Kalli used worked wonders on me. I love the moisturizer she recommended for me! I also like that when she suggests what treatment to go with she makes it so I can actually understand what she is saying. I highly recommend going to see Kalli for your skin care needs!

-Kristie B.

“I have been coming to Kalli for about 6 months. I’ve done a range of services from facials to lashes. When I first met her I was struggling with really bad acne (with scarring etc) she got me on a routine of facials and my skin has completely changed. I couldn’t be any happier!  ” -Andrea L

“Had one facial with Kalli, and I loved the  experience and how my skin looked and felt. Look forward to a routine of  treatments. At 57, I don’t want to go the facelift route, but absolutely want  beautiful skin! Also, the serum that Kalli recommended is the first serum that  actually makes a difference (I’ve tried all the Sephora free  samples)!”