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Facial Add Ons:

Facial Add ons:

Rejuvenating Eye Treatment- Are you tired of having dark circles, puffiness, and lines? If so, this is the perfect add on for you! This eye treatment is filled with amazing things to help repair that delicate eye area. $30

Retinol Scrub Boost- This retinol mask can be layered in any facial for improvement in signs of aging, breaking up and softening any texture/congestion and creating a more even skin tone. $30

Glycolic Boost- May be added to most facials to help increase exfoliation, soften fine lines/wrinkles, and reduce oil and pore size. $25 *not for first time clients*

Lactic Boost- Promotes deep hydration with amazing lightening capabilities. $25 *not for first time clients*

Neck and Decolette- $45 and up

Hand treatment – $35